Using adblock now removes all posts

Like it says. The last two days I’ve not been able to see anything unless I turn off adblock. If this isn’t changed I won’t be visiting anymore.

Bob you can create an exception on AD block for this site, i use AD block all the time

I just figured that out, thanks. You’d think that with everything I do online (don’t ask…really, don’t ask) I’d know that.

you just set yourself up with (don’t ask) now the readers want you to confess to your “online” life… lol… :disguised_face:

I operate JL with my Adblock turned on, no exception

I rarely make an exception for any site

lol Bent-Bob the nickname is just a coincidence I am sure

won’t be much use if it’s solar powered hey :rofl:
where in aus are you

?? my solar is blazing away as we speak , pumping out free electricity, its midday.
I even get money back for excess I generate

I am in Newcastle NSW

i went to the Newcastle jag show last saturday, bit wet but ok, came up from Sydney with the JDC

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I’m using a Chromebook and have been getting more ads on various sites. Do you guys recommend Ad Block? Can someone send me a link, there are so many blockers with similar names.
Thanks, Alan

search ADblock Chrome, it’s a chrome app

Let’s see…
There’s my Tumblr blog where I post --------- and -------…
Then there’s all the stuff I post at Renderotica…
I’ve been spending lots of time in a great Discord server learning about Stable Diffusion. This has the advantage of making me spend a LOT less at Daz3D.
Anyone remember the usenet? I’m still there posting my massive collection of original scans of vintage -------.
And lastly, I still use Emule and keep ------ ----- seeded, while downloading increasingly bizarre JAV.
Had enough or do you want the REALLY strange stuff?


Dunno if my heart can take it!