V-12 Carburetor Housings $10

Description: For sale is a nice pair of carburetor intake plenums for the early pre-injection V-12 engines. These came with a bunch of HD8 carbs I recently purchased. I don’t have a V-12 Jag yet so don’t really need them. I’m thinking $10.00 plus shipping. Contact me through private message for details or shipping quote.

Location: USA west of Chicago

Willing to ship worldwide? Possibly

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Ok not even $10 guess I’ll remove studs and toss. Thanks!

@Jeff_Schroeder …any need?

Have patience Grasshopper,

put them on Ebay, and eventually someone will buy them

I’ve had them on ebay several times. I have lots of stuff that can use a new home. I guess I’ll put them in a storage bin in my basement and when better economic times come try selling again.

You do, and at eminently fair prices.

I once thru away about half a dozen International D1100 doors, I was chatting to a fellow, and as soon as he heard I had owned one, he desperately inquired whether I had any doors

I did not have the heart to tell him, and they were in perfect condition too. I wrecked that truck cause I had to move to a smaller shed and lacked room. Sure wish I still had it