V12 5.3 1991 Marelli A Bank not firing

Hello Folks,
My 1991 V12 5.3 Marelli Ign has A Bank not firing. Have determined leads Ok. Nothing coming out of the A Bank coil. 1st stop thinking of changing the coil. Has anyone had this prob and can advise and perhaps direct me to other things to check. Is it easy to check the coil? Thinking to change the coil anyway and if it is’nt that i hav’nt wasted my money. Any advice appreciated. Charlie.

If nothing’s coming out of A bank coil, it’s usually either the coil or the amp. You can swap amps or coils to determine which.


Many thanx…Wilco. Rgds.

Turned out to be the A Bank Coil. No surprise. £30 on Ebay. AOK now. Txs Rgds. Charlie.


Congratulations for fixing your problem and thank you for posting back about what fixed your issue. That added to the collective knowledge about these cars and will undoubtedly help others in the future who search the archives.


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Yr welcome. Rgds. Charlie.

Just for my education, is the A coil the forward-most one, or rear?

Its the rear one. Cha.