V12 5.3crank thrust washers

Hi All, I have just pulled my HE engine apart to find the thrust washers scored and scoring on the crank, allready has +.010 thrusts in it. I need +.020s but I am told they are no longer available!
Can anyone help please?

Can’t help ya with the thrust bearings, but curious: Any idea how they got scored? To score the crank would seem to imply something really hard went through there.

Also: Do you have a manual transmission? Thrust bearings aren’t critical in a car with an automatic, but with a clutch pedal pushing on a release bearing they become critical.

Hi Kirbet,
It’s a bit of a mystery to me as well.
The car has done some 180000kms but the crank measures perfectly at std both mains and b/e and it all ready has .010" thrusts. Pistons and bores are perfect still has cross hatch in the bores. It’s an auto too!!
I have another engine so I’ll have to pull it down and hopefully the crank is good.

Are the thrust faces of the frank visibly worn?
If so, that’s very unusual. Are you sure it’s not just wear on the thrust washer faces?

Crank NOT frank sorry!

Yes crank is quite badly scored and allready has +.010" thrusts in it and mains and b/e both standard, crank needs grinding on the thrust.
My question is does anybody have or know where I can purchase from? +.020 "

I’ve tried loads of places to no avail. I’ll ask a mate of mine for you. He’s got a lot of “old
new stock”

Are you in the uk by any chance?

Many thanks
I’m in South Australia

I have had to silver braze shim stock on the back side of a thrust washer to get the proper clearance. Best to find a copper one instead of a white metal one to braze on.

Are the thrust bearings on the V12 really washers? It’s been too long, I can’t remember.

If they are washers, wouldn’t it make more sense to fab some thrust washers from scratch rather than fiddle with brazing shims on the back side? The Triumph 6-cyl is notorious for chucking the thrust washers into the sump, and the fix is to machine the recess for the washers deeper and then fab some bronze thrust washers that are twice as thick as the originals.

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They are called washers but they are flat bearing halves just like the XK engine, only slightly larger.