V12 alternator replacement

has anyone recently bought or have any comments on replacing the alternator, standard ones, ebay ones or lighter, higher output models would be interested to hear some comments.

Jaguar put the V12 in a bunch of different models over about 25 years or so. What year and model car is your V12 Jaguar?


Yes sorry, was rather short on info, I have a 1985 XJ series 3 V12. The alternator is situated on the LHS (from the front) of the engine. Mine is original 75amp and very heavy. A rebuild is around £150.00, but have seen equivalent new items range from £70 upwards, Was wondering if anyone has had some experience on this department recently.


Here is a thread with all the relevant info on my query and final upgrade with a 120A alt.

Can I ask what’s wrong with the existing one? I have an XJ6 and I just replaced the alternator’s voltage regulator for $59.00, delivered. Bearings and brushes also cost little - just in case you’re considering doing the job yourself. FWIW. Paul.

There’s nothing wrong with the existing one apart from the fact its fully original in age and condition, its the only item that has not been upgraded or changed… and when you see my engine it really does need something that looks as good as the rest, also an upgraded sound system will be fitted in due course hence the need for a 90A or more…

Thank You Aristides, I will go through this and look forward to upgrading…

With that engine you might need a chrome plated one! Paul.

I did think about that… the problem is that if it was an American V8 you can buy 5 dozen different dress up kits, but with the V12 you need to do it yourself… I did sort of go over board with the gold, but it was one of your guys, an Australian built racing V12 in an XJS I saw on the net that gave me inspiration… just hope it doesn’t get too dirty!!