V12 alternator? whine

Here’s a source that’s worth a phone call:

Bill, I’m still debating what to do here an have a few questions. What is your price for the manufactured part? Does the alternator work well for you? Does the unit have a post to attach the brown red ignition light lead so that it excites through the lamp? Did you run a new lead to the battery to handle the higher load and if so you you recall the gauge wire?

Thanks in advance

Many months later I made the decision to remove the Butec and replace it with the Denso. I found that it is indeed a direct replacement, you just have to remove the eye bolt adjusting rod from the Butec unit and attach it to the end of the adjustment arm that comes with the Denso so that it extends through the stock adjustment block. Easy squeezy.

I really couldn’t be more pleased. My aftermarket fans now have the consistent power they lacked and my battery gauge is dead on perfect. I’ll keep the Butec along with the OEM starter I replaced last year but they’ll stay in a box for the next owner. I don’t miss either one.

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thanks for the update. Good to know its a direct replacement (74’ etype with recently installed Butec unit, who knows how long it will last…) JS

I’m still running the original Butec from 1972. Repaired one solder in 2014 and re-repaired it in 2022. YMMV.


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Mine stopped charging in 2000 and I had it repaired. If you’ve read through the thread you’ll see the Butec was modified by the previous owner by adding a regulator to the case and rewiring it to function as if it was internally regulated. There were also changes to the triple diode setup by piggybacking a modern parts store replacement. It was quite ingenious, don’t know why it was done, but it worked for another 23 years.

Then last summer the bearings wore out, and I also realized that it was overcharging causing the battery to boil over. Tried to have it repaired but it just gave out. It could be reconverted to external regulation as original but I didn’t want to go through all that. Maybe someone will in the future.

Some years ago I sold you a Re-OPUS setup that was still in the box. I hope it’s still working as advertised for you. I opted to go with the SNG Barrett upgrade and have been very happy with it.

Robert Phillips

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Thanks, yes it has worked flawlessly, I also had the original OPUS ignition amplifier rebuilt just in case I need to debug the original system in the future. The alternator is quite robust IMO, but I don’t have AC nor a high power stereo, but rather a 1972 Blapunkt Frankfurt mono radio with an aux input.


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