V12 distributor - 85 v 88

Hi guys, so I got the XJ12 back… its fitted with an 88 engine (lucas) but running with a 85 distributor, well its not running, hence my post. We can not set the timing, when we do its about 30 degree and it pinks… so I am going to have the distributor rebuilt as everything else seems to check out.
The question is, Is there a difference in the distributor of an 85 over one from an 88??

I have an 88 XJS, and pretty sure Lucas distributor is the same going back to all HEs?

So what do you mean can’t set timing? And its pinking/too advanced? Could distributor just be a tooth off?

I cant remember, doesnt distributor gear have 14 teeth? That is 25.7° per tooth. I had to try three times installing mine, very easy to get one tooth off.

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Hi Greg you would think that it was a tooth out but I am told it is cock on… I have found a company here in the UK that will rebuild the distributor, they think its more of a mechanical issue then anything electrical… I’ll keep you posted…

If the distributor is indeed properly aligned, most probably it’s a stuck centrifugal advance or broken/stretched springs.

hope so… thanks guys

Looks to be that from 81 to 89.5 the HE used distributer number 36DM12:

~Paul K.