V12 E Lucas ballast resistor connectors

Anyone know of anyone making the end plug connectors for a Lucas ballast resistor for a V12 E?

There was a very recent posting on this forum by V12JagGuy (Paul Kobres) titled “Lucas 2PR Power Resistor Connector Part Number”. Around April 4th. Do a search for that title. It indicated a connector availability for the HE V12 power resistor. You may be able to search that company’s website and find something that will work for the ballast resistor. A connector made by AMP…now owned by TE. SD Faircloth

I presume you’re trying to keep things original-looking? Because it wouldn’t be difficult to assemble a substitute ballast resistor and connectors. Perhaps you can post a photo of the item you’re looking for?

Hopefully you can look this up. On Part “D” Section 4, you see part number 23. It is called a “Inhibited (non-reversible) moulded connector”. They are brown and are not universal as each one is different. Yes, you can make individual connectors but it would be great to use original style. I have thought of having a few made by a 3 D printer but if they are out there…


If you have an S3 E-type Parts manual look in Section 15 (Electrical), page 27.50. The connector you seek is Part Number JS390. The only source I know of is AutoSparks (www.AutoSparks.Co.Uk). They are the prime source for most all aftermarket Jaguar wiring harnesses. They may have the connector, whether they will sell it is another matter.
If you send them an inquiry I’d recommend including a picture of the original or a copy of the above cited page.
Your only other bet is to locate/purchase an old amplifier. I would replace the Lucar female spade connectors too.
Good Luck and Good Hunting.

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Dick Wells
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So part 22 appears to be the AB3 Amplifier, not the 3BR ballast resistor (which seems to have simple spade connectors):


The AB3 Amp (part 22) appears to have a simple 3way molded trailer plug connector (part 23) (how I’d call it to find it)


I’ve only ever seen those already molded as pigtails.

But yes, it should be possible (if going for the OEM look) to buy the bullet connectors, and create a 3D printed mold for a platinum silicon over-pour (or some non-flammable moldable rubber/urethane something). (Been thinking of something similar for the non-sourceable Injector harness connectors on the HE system).

~Paul K.

The round pins for the OPUS connector are all available and a molded plug can be made from polyurethane rubber resin, by the same method as I made my harnesses. I think the OP was talking about the two flat plug-in connectors into the ballast resistor (which sits on the RH cam cover (front or back, depending on vintage). These are just rigid flat sleeves housing the three Lucar type connectors going in and out of the ballast either side. The 2PR does not feature on the carburettored car - it is part of the peak and hold fuel injected Lucas injector driver circuitry.

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If you are looking to replace the Amplifier to Pickup connectors according to Lucas (and others) they should not! Also cautioned against trying to lengthen the wiring, relocating the amplifier to a more suitable area.
Later in production Lucas did make a change offering the same amplifier but with extended leeds. The amplifier was relocated below the header tank and supposedly aided in keeping the amplifier cooler.
Keep in mind Jaguar published the V12 crankshaft couldn’t be ground undersized — BUT they offered undersized bearings!!! That’s another whole story!!! LOL
If you make any changes to the wiring your outcome may not be good, just record everything done (ohm readings, etc.). Just be forewarned. On the other hand, nothing ventured - nothing gained!!! I’m sure others will chime in if they’ve made such changes. Will be good to hear from them.

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Hi Dick,

My '72 OTS has a Crane XR700 that was mounted in the usual spot on top of the engine in front of the distributor when I bought the car 15 years ago. I bought a new Crane 10 years ago and mounted it on the outside of the starboard air cleaner with an aluminum plate I made to keep it cooler. Also bought a new Lucas 9BR ballast resistor and new coil both installed in the stock location. Never had a problem starting or running. In fact, I haven’t changed plugs or tuned the car in 5 years…runs like a top. I do plan on changing plugs, fluids etc in the next week.
My issue is one of the ballast resistor molded end connectors had a crack and didn’t solidly hold one Lucar connector. Therefore I made new ends from an electronic store. I’m hoping to find the proper end pieces that the Lucar connectors slip into to clean up the electronic store look.

Hi Jim,

Great information. Of all the aftermarket ignition systems still on the market the FAST (Crane) XR700 makes the top of my list. Never had a problem with it.
Going back through my old emails AutoSparks replied to my inquiry for that connector:

Hi Dick

Thank you for your email, to confirm unfortunately the plug in question is not available for resale, so can’t help this time.



Autosparks Ltd

80-88 Derby Road



NG10 5HU


Their part number for the connector is 9610 and they must have a very limited stock, not willing to sell any of that stock! Maybe things have changed.
Confirm this is the connector you seek -
It may be me but the AutoSparks 9610 doesn’t match the amplifier/ballast resistor connector. The locating lugs seem to me to be in different locations. Maybe it’s just me???
If you go the 3D printing route please post your finished product. I’m sure others are in the same boat, needing a replacement.

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I have been cleaning out my garage in preparation for an upcoming move and found this. Somehow it got overlooked when I packed up all the ignition stuff several weeks ago. It’s an original with the accompanying original patina. Still solid and it’s yours for the asking if it’s the one you need.

Hi Steve,

Not sure if my other responses have gotten through. Operator error. Yes, I’d love to have the connector and I appreciate you reaching out. My number is (949) 842-1056.


Jim Crawford

Steve. If you have the time to dimension that up or flatbed scan it on the various surfaces w/ a scale I can create a 3D solid model of it for the future needy to be able to print.

~Paul K.

Sorry Paul, I don’t have that capability or I would be happy to. :slightly_frowning_face:

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That’s for being willing anyway. Not everyone has a scanner (just makes it easy).

I might just draw it up anyway w/ guessed dimensions and parameterize them so they can be corrected to reality later when a cheap little harbor freight caliper/micrometer can be taken to one for a few measurements.

~Paul K.

Something like:

Those are wrong of course… but…