[v12-engine] ABS, DIS, SOL

Greetings form my little shop of harrows. Ron, the ABS idea just isn’t practical.Other than driving on snow covered roads, I doubt that many on the list have utilized this problematic feature. Modulator valve failure has caused a severe brake pull on several cars I have driven: so aside from the imense task of the retrofit, I don’t think you’d be helping yourself anyway.

Nice to see the DIS discussion continuing so vibrantly.
Saturday I puchased a complete pre-Marelli ignition system for $2500.00. It came bolted onto a very nice Signal red 1986 XJS coupe, factory sunroof,90k miles.
Perhaps I should stick a whirly light on top, bolt fire extinguishers to the fins, and follow Marelli cars around town to offer them my assistance, too.

Speaking of catching fire, I was gratified to receive all the support for my suggestion of lobbying ignition system manufacturers about the cap and rotor situation.
Like,zero. It’s not that people aren’t willing to jump into the fray…the Pozidriv Political Action Committee seems to be spreading like wildfire,now doesn’t it.
Perhaps now that Special K has picked up his ceramic rod to beat the same drum, there will be more attention devoted to solving the imminent shortage of defective parts and less to twist-and-tape installations of expensive components,whose suitability and reliability are total unknowns.

Redesigned cap and rotor from a new manufacturer. EFI overtemp disable system,using the existing factory parts I previously listed, as a NHTSA mandated recall. Those are the tools Jaguar owners should have at their disposal. A number three (or is it 4 ?) is difficult to seat when the belts are melted all over your water pump.

Speaking of seats, there’s a nice biscuit one bolted in 16.373" (or is it .374 ?) aft of my newly aquired and completely reliable Lucas amplifier. Time I put my ass someplace more constructive anyway.

And just to prove the pervasive one-upmanship has totally distacted me from the real world too, it’s called a RHEOSTAT. I feel so much brighter now. Ta Ta

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