[v12-engine] Cooling Scheme Rerouting

On the question of whether or not BOTH thermostat outlets could
possibly be routed into the existing 1-1/4" RH radiator inlet: I note
that the ID of a Gano filter is about 1". According to friction loss
charts, a 1-1/4" pipe will flow perhaps 80% more than a 1" pipe.
Since the Gano filters actually have some screen in the middle of
this 1" ID and they seem to work fine, one could conclude that
running twice that much fluid through a CLEAR 1-1/4" opening
shouldn’t be a problem. It’d be dumb to put a SINGLE Gano filter of
that size in to handle the total flow, but there’s no need to; two
separate Gano filters, one per bank, teed into a single clear 1-1/4"
line into the RH radiator inlet should work fine.

Another indicator: the coolant connecting pipes on top of each head
are 3/4" OD, about 5/8" ID. Each one of these pipes is supposed to
handle the flow from the rear half of a bank, or 1/4 of the total
coolant flow. The same charts indicate that a 1-1/4" line should
easily handle 4 times what a 5/8" line can handle.

While running all the flow through a few inches of 1-1/4" line could
be expected to increase the total pressure loss a bit over running
only half the flow through each 1-1/4" line, I suspect the overall
pressure loss in the circuit will drop considerably. In the OEM
configuration, 100% of the flow goes from right to left in the lower
2/3 of the core, while in a single-pass setup the same amount of flow
will go right to left in the ENTIRE core. The resulting reduction in
flow per tube should greatly reduce pressure losses. This is over
and above the reduction in pressure losses seen by the left bank only
in not having to go left-to-right in the upper 1/3 of the core any

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