[v12-engine] Cooling systems

If I was wrong about a subject I would be the first to admit it. But I also
do not state something as fact unless I truly believe it & have backed it up
with experience. For the record, I still maintain that Jaguar cars, built in
the 80’s anyway, do NOT have an overheating problem. That is not to say that
they do not overheat. EVERY car has the possibility of overheating,
including the mighty Mercedes-Benz. A Jaguar cooling system that is
maintained properly, and functioning as Jaguar intended, is sufficient to
keep a V-12 car cool in Houston traffic in the summer. If tap water is used
& the coolant does not get replaced regularly, the system’s efficiency will
deteriorate & the engine will overheat. Modifying it at that point is just
covering the problem. It didn’t fix the overheating problem, it just hid it.

A friend of mine at the local Land Rover dealer told me about a brand new
Freelander that overheated as the salesman was showing the car to a
customer. Does this make it fair to say that all Freelanders, or Land Rovers
in general, have an overheating problem?
Repairing the electric fan circuit took care of that particular car since
they weren’t working at all.

If anyone wants to modify his/her car, that’s up to them. As long as it’s
out of warranty & the mod is not a safety issue, more power to you. But if a
well functioning system can be repaired back to factory specs, why not?

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