[v12-engine] Cost of a rebuild

pic of piston 11.6-1 ratio for pre-he V12 , fits ethier side !

Looks similar to half a Rover 2000 piston!


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I wish I could figure out how to post pictures. I’d show you my Aries spare piston. I used to order 50 pistons at a time and wind up with 4 sets and two spares. By buying that volume I paid $70 a piston & pin or $55 per piston.

That was back in the days I was chasing 700 horsepower at 9000 RPM . Remarkably the bottom end held up but keeping valves from dancing on pistons proved impossible. The first trouble was keepers, Then Valves. If the valve survived the springs broke.

I never did get the power or RPM I was seeking but it’s there. The missing pieces are now off the shelf from people like Rob Beere. Cosworth. Kent or Piper Cams.

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Have a look in #user-guides-and-how-tos, there you’ll find: How do I: Add pictures to a post?

Hi Ed,
My brake lights on my jag xjs v12 are not working…all the other lights are working…flashers etc.

I looked at the fuse box under the driver side steering wheel, but not sure…difficult to get to.


I recommend that you post your question to the XJ-S list because you posted it to the V12 engine list and the brake lights are not engine related. I also recommend that you include your model year in your post. The XJ-S/XJS was produced from 1975 to 1996 and there were a lot of electrical system changes during that period.


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I am a newbie here and also to the intricacies of the XJSC.
My XJSC has been parked up and not started since 1994 and with the CV lockdown I have finally had some time to start looking at it.
I took a chance and stuck a new battery on turned key to see if it would turn over but just a strong click from the starter motor area and nothing turned.

I did some reading and removed the AC compressor and cruise control bellow and took all 12 plugs out and poured Marvel Mystery oil into the piston chambers. I got 11 out first time and then left for 3 days and then took last one out and left that one a couple of hours and tried to turn manually by the crankshaft bolt. But it was absolutely stuck and would not budge.

I do not know if I need to give the last cylinder time soak and try again or if I have major engine problems.

I am getting the welding and bodywork done on the car and a few guys from the industrial estate have been tuning in. One said the engine is seized and it needs to be replaced. The second guy said I need to take the engine out and get it overhauled as there may be common faults that need to be rectified and that whilst it is out, all looms can be checked and gearbox and clutch plates checked and also engine bay checked and sprayed. The third guy said, just buy a second hand engine and put that. My immediate thought was the fear of getting an engine that might fail shortly after installation which would be disastrous.

I am clueless as to what is best. I just want the option that will last and give me (hopefully) the least amount of problems later down the line.

If the second option is the best, is there anyone who I can take the engine to for it to be overhauled?

Many thank


Thanks in anticipation of your help.

You called me last week. I’ll find out today if the guy I mentioned as any engines going spare and how much.

Where are you located ?
I have a slightly modified Jaguar 5.3 liter with a five speed attached with all the fixings to put it in your car. The top end was completely rebuilt. It is currently in the car and runs and drives. It had sat but was started and run by the previous owner.
Contact me off list if you are interested sjniznik@msn.com

Check for a seized mechanical advance in the distributor. This is a very common cause of the engine not running at full strength. That and oil leak repair is likely to be all you need.


Mine started turning over. It was a bad ground in the boot. All cleaned and turns over.



Is this engine still for sale?

Did you re-use connecting rod bolts or replace with new?

I sold the driveline some time ago. It is going into a car as we speak.
I do have other engines and five speed manual transmissions. I still have the IRS with the 331 gears. What exactly are you looking for ?

Well the longer story is here: Beginning New Rebuild 1971 S3 2+2

But in short, I am in the beginning stages of sourcing a 1971 etype series 3 v12. I need the engine and I’d like a manual transmission with it.

Are you looking for a coupe or drop top ?
Are you doing a concourse restoration ?

2+2. No not concours. I don’t think it’s worth it because I’ll never have a matching numbers car.

I have a 71 E Type coupe. It is a four speed car but I got it without the motor or transmission and a few other parts. The car needs to be restored. A good bit of metal work. I have sourced some parts. The interior is original and is in pretty good condition. The car is silver over black interior. It is one of the vehicles I bought to be a “retirement” project". My thoughts for it are a later V12 with fuel injection and 5 speed manual or find a salvage F Type V8 and do a full blown Jaguar restomod.
If you are interested I would consider selling the E-Type, motor, 5 speed manual as a package deal.


Interesting proposition. Let me get my hands on this car first and I’ll determine what I need.

What type of engine did you end up choosing? What would be included in the sale?

I haven’t decided at this point what direction I will end up going in. I have to sell a couple of completed cars (79 450SL, 94 XJS coupe, 92 VDP Majestic), finish the restoration of our 59 XK150 FHC, and finish my person car, a 1988 XJ-SR with 6.0 liter Jaguar crate engine, remanufactured sport suspension, basically a ground up Jaguar restomod. I can then dig into my next projects. I have 9 inventory cars waiting to be started.
I have a number of Jaguar V12 engines. Two pre-HE V12’s, 5 or 6 post HE engines from 1984 through 1989, all Lucas ignitions, two five speed manual transmissions with bell housings. A Getrag and a Jaguar from a Euro XJ. I also have a clutch set up for one of the 5 speeds. I would sell the car as is and you could choose what you would want to go with it.


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