[v12-engine] Engine oil change intervals?

Hello listers:

In the past postings on this fine list, I have noted that Kirbert uses
synthetic oil and changes the filter every 3K miles = 5K km and oil at
6k miles= 10 K km. What is good for Kirbert’s car, seems good to me!

On cars that don’t do much distance per year, what should the time
interval be between changes?

My car uses synthetic and in two years my car has gone 3000 miles = 5000
km (need it be stated that this is not a daily driver :). Do I change
the oil based on time or stick to distance travelled?

Jamie Belleville ON Canada -1987 XJS
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I change oil and filter every 6 months or 6000km, whichever comes first. I
use lighter weight in winter than in summer because of our cold winters,
hence the 6 month interval. I use mineral oil, not synthetic.

Don, Calgary

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