[v12-engine] Improved Distributor Sealing

Hi Ron,

I installed conventional seal and a sealed bearing when I was rebuilding my distributor. I went to local shop that specialize in bearings and seals and grabbed few seals with correct size for the shaft and slightly bigger outer diameter so I had to machine distributor housing in order to fit the seal seal.
I didn’t take any pictures when I rebuilt it but I have few spare distributors that I’ll be rebuilding soon so I will take pictures and make write-up.

Thanks for your replies Richard & John, much appreciated. It sounds like the best thing to do is take the parts down to the local bearing & seal supplier and have a chat with them and see what they have in their range. There is a local guy who recently machined my new stainless water rail connecting pipes, so he could probably do any machining for this as well. John, please don’t go to any trouble just for me. Thanks again for your responses.

I replaced the bearing in a spare, junk dizzy I have just for the exercise.

Because the seals are NLA I decided to use a sealed for life bearing. Problem is you can’t get one thin enough.

Don’t quote me as it was a few months ago but I think the original bearing was 0.250" thick whereas the new one was 0.375".

What I did was machine the dizzy body the extra 0.125" to accept the new bearing.

I haven’t used that dizzy, it’s sitting in a cupboard.

I’m pleased that This thread has been reinvigorated. I have just had a good look through Edf Sowell’s notes from 20 years ago and there are a few things that left me scratching my head. He had a table of parts that might be useful and I note that he gave the outer diameter of the R 8 bearing at 1 inch (whereas they are in fact 1 1/8) and there was some similar confusion about the size of the seal.

He also mentioned that Rick Dowling had noted some sort of crinkled foil shim around the bearing. I note that McMaster Carr do make a “bearing shim ring” which matches that description.

I note that there has been some discussion about whether the oil seal could be moved to allow oil to lubricate the bearing. Has anybody put the bearing below the seal with success?

Also in the McMaster-carr catalogue are these shaft mounted seals.

they might just fit below the bearing. They rotate with the shaft and seal against the bottom face of the outer ring of the bearing

I found an entry in a post about e-type static ignition timing that had drifted into a discussion about the bearing/ seal. Tim (tmschulte11) referred to Welsh/ Moss part 08-1025.

It seems to still be listed

see page E216