[v12-engine] in reference to changing p/s seals

you are changing power sterring seals?
i did this just last month,the tower seal.to avoid one problem i had mark the
tower shaft and housing as to alignment before dissassy.i am to used to
aircraft where you tear it down and you have an overkill of information at
your finger tips in the maintenance manual,not so in the jaguar manual.all it
tells you is mark it before dissassy.it would be nice to haave detailed
instuctions in the manual instead of vague,i guess no one ever has to install
new parts that havn’t been used in jaguars lol yeah right.but jaguar has an
over haul kit for about 80 dollars U.S. which i found i needed more than just
the tower seal,and as big a pain as it is to change with the engine in i
didnt want to do it twice.
regards and best of luck
in your repairs & costs
terry wiesner

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