[v12-engine] Injection wiring questions

I have now collected my e-type, and am planning all the jobs that need
doing before the rebuild is finished (48 items on the list so far).

One of the tasks is to fit the correct digital-P injection and CEI ignition
for the HE engine. I have acquired a NOS FI main harness (unfortunately
not including injector harness) it appears to be for an early XJ-S HE.

I am now checking that I have everything needed to connect to the harness,
and have a couple of questions:

At the place where the throttle pot wires and shielded trigger wire come
out of the harness at the back of the engine, there is a single white wire
with a female Lucar connector. Where does this connect?

Coming off the Main relay (red) socket is a short white wire with a male
Lucar. Where does this connect?

Where does the inertia switch connect? On the D-jet harness I currently
have in the car, the inertia switch is connected into the main FI harness
about 750mm aft of the cold start relay. This harness doesn’t seem to have
provision for the inertia switch.

What are the colours and part numbers of the fuel pump and main relays?

Mike Morrin
1972 E-type 2+2 HE

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