[v12-engine] Lucas Upper Cylinder Lubricant

I am often on the X300 forum but thought of the V12 forum since I
have been testing Lucas Upper Cylinder Lubricant and Fuel Injector
Cleaner on my 1987 Volvo 240 prior to use on my XJ6. This product
is added to your fuel.

Preliminary anecdotal observations as follows after two treatments
that cost about $US3.00 each.

Gas mileage up approx 5-10% while using the product.
Increased power and smoothness.

I speculate V12 owners may benefit from lower engine operating
temperatures since the product lubricates the upper cylinder rings.

Does anyone have experience with this product? It is available in
both the U.K and North America. I have read a number of positive
comments about it on another forum, bobistheoilguy.com.–
Dave J 1996 XJ6 (Canada)
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