[v12-engine] My ECU is faulty

Date: Mon, 8 Jan 2007 10:08:50 +0100
From: “Roleyrev” roleyrev@paradise.net.nz
Subject: Re: [v12-engine] My ECU IS faulty

In reply to a message from bedwinn sent Mon 8 Jan 2007:

Hi Neil

It might pay to do a quiet clean of the area around the leak as
some electrolytes in electrolytic capacitors are quite corrosive,
some white sprits on a cotton bud or soft paintbrush should do the
trick. If you want get really carried away there are many PCB
cleaning products available, many through your local electronics
shop. After a good clean inspect the PCB with a magnify glass to
make sure that none of the tracks have been eaten away, if they
have repair with a little light gauge wire and solder across the
problem area. If the board has been silk screened (usually green
colour or brownish colour, copper tracks appear lighter) then this
will have provided more protection than an uncoated board. Hope
this Helps

Cheers John Reveley
77 Daimler Double Six
Christchurch, New Zeland

Hi John

I replied recently with the solution that I found, the two connector
blocks on the rh engine bay for the injector harness. I see that
Neil’s (bedwinn) problem lies in the ECU.
I occasionally fix ECUs for a friend. These have been mostly Mitsubishi
units, and the main problem is the electrolytics leaking. You are quite
correct about the fluid being corrosive. Usually the entire track below
the capacitor is eaten away and missing altogether. I repaired one that
had been arcing and cooking the capacitor fluid, and had charred the
board right through. Fortunately I was able to reconstruct the
fibreglass pcb with epoxy, and recreate the missing tracks with tiny
bits of copper shim.
It worked too!
By the way, John, I’m also in Christchurch, as is Nev W with the S1
XJ12. We should all get together some time. I’m in the Christchurch
Jaguar club, but no-one else I know has a S3 XJ12 for me to look at to
compare with mine.


(1984 Jaguar Vanden Plas H.E. 5.3)

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