[v12-engine] oops - need temperature sensor plug

Hi all:

Over the winter I suspected that my coolant temp sensor was flakey as
cold starts (i.e. < -10 degrees C) were accompanied by flooding-type
symptoms until I could get the revs up to clear things out. This last
weekend (first warm one of the year) I decided to do a basic test and
see if the engine stopped when I unplugged the temperature sensor. It
did … but the plug broke in half in the process, sending the rectangle
spring locking clip into some unknown corner of the engine compartment
that hasn’t seen the light of day for years. The plug will stay on
based on contact friction, gravity and some slight downward force from
the cable, but knowing my luck it will pop off just as I’m passing a
semi on a narrow 2-laner somewhere… thus, does anyone have a plug or
know where I can get a replacement ?


Don, Calgary
'88 XJS, 165K km

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