[v12-engine] pics of the test mule engine and parts for"dolly" ;->

these are the pics of some of the work being done on an
associate and friends car’‘dolly’’ and the test mule
engine’s progress.
parts are hand manufactured by our machinist(we call
him’‘Q’’ naturally)and the teardown of the mule/pics of the
trigger wheel for the omex710ecu with it’s trigger sensor
mount are what this is presently about.
we are also working on a modified timing chain tensioner
as the plastic one from the factory(previously
discussed)isn’t up to high stress or the '‘long haul’'as
evidenced by their consistent failure points.
with most all of the mods we are doing we are fortunate to
NOT have bean counters telling us what compounds/materials
we can use so the restraints that the original engineers
had don’t apply.
in recognition of their work though…we do have the
benefit of the tests of time on our side whereas when
these engines were first produced they did not.
step by step the progress will be posted and the results
of testing will follow accordingly.
no…most of what we do won’t be to rebuild or restore to
factory specs…it will be done to make the car
better/faster/stronger and most importantly…RELIABLE
enough for daily use and long haul trips.the latter more
important to us here in the states as the average
distances we travel are farther than those averaged in
europe(too bad we aren’t legally allowed to travel as
the focus is on the 5.3 and 8 litre engines and not the
six cylinders though.suspension and body/wiring mods could
be applied to our smaller brethren though so some trickle
down processes can apply.
dolly is deemed is the most modern platform from computer
control and wiring to interior mods…nigel is deemed the
simplification platform dedicated to suspension and
mechanical and control mods utilizing as many factory
pieces as possible.different sides of the same coin…the
xjs series.


with more to come…and a bit of re-engineering fun to be
thewytchdoktor=v12 fun!/94 xjs 6 litre/ s=k.log w
Winchester Virginia, United States
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