[v12-engine] Pollution Control / SUs - 6 Dueces

Mike Brooks wrote:

At some point I’d like to switch the 4 Strombergs out and install 6 -2
barrel webers. There’s a kit for that but as usual it’s expensive because of
the custom manifold. Thinking about having a much simpler one made anyway.
Anyone on the list try this one before?

The simplest carb conversion is 4 x SU onto the E Type manifold. There
is now plenty of evidence that the SU produces as much power as the
Weber. But there are good reasons why the world went to FI. If you
really need to replace things like the FI amplifier, MAP sensor and
maybe another thing, them you’re in the financial ballpark for a Wolf 3D
FI system. These can be run from simple FI systems right up to full
engine management replacing the OPUS ignition as well.
They are great performers, reliable and do not need a laptop for
programming. They can be fitted with changeable modules for meeting
performanace/pollution alternatives, and here in Australia the supplier
will sell them already set up for the XJ-S - just bolt on.

If you need any more info I think the manufacturer is in the Book, or I
can can chase up a brochure for you.

Peter Smith

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