[v12-engine] Re: Oil Leak!

Bob Gallivan responded:

If there are pools of oil that sit on the outboard side of the tappet blocks level with the cam cover gaskets. I’d check that banjo again & tighten it up some. BE CAREFUL, don’t snap it off…


while Kirbert responded:

Well, you might be right, but you might be wrong there. Many people with this symptom have found it to be coming from farther up, the back end of the vee, and leaking down to there.

to John Johnson’s "Oil Leak!!:

I have a rather serious oil leak on my '94 6.0L. Oil is >coming from the dust cover under the transmission. That >tells me rear main.

Thanks!!! You guys nailed it. There was a slight leak from the fitting of the pressure switch that became a serious leak at higher RPM. No more Flaming Cat for me!!

John Johnson
'94 6.0L Convertible
“I PUR” on a South Alabama “Jaguar” tag
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