[v12-engine] RE: Re: [v12-engine] Part number help, 1990 XJS V12, fuel line from fuel regulator to heat exchange unit {Scanned}

I would not buy the actual hose part number. It will cost you a whole ton of money.

If you need to replace one fuel hose, you should just replace all of them at once and be done with it. Remember, all those fuel hoses under the hood are being cooked by that nuclear reactor we call the V12, and the ones on your car have probably never been changed. Bad fuel hoses are the #1 cause of engine fires on V12s.

If you buy about 6 feet of 3/8" fuel injection hose (at my shop we tend to use Aeroquip -6 AN braided stainless for the shiny factor) and a suitable number of fuel injection hose clamps (make sure they’re fuel injection hose clamps, as opposed to normal hose clamps. YES there is a difference), you will be able to replace all the hoses under the hood of your V12. Just remove all the hoses and using a Dremel or other suitable tool, cut off the hats that hold the hoses on. Cut new hose to the proper length, attach using hose clamps. I did this on my car and had no problems with it for 2 years this way. We also had many customers who had the same thing on their cars, never a single problem. This method will cost you about $40 at the most (depending on what kind of hose you buy).

Good luck!

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