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There is a company here in the states that actually manufacture an engine preluber called Preluber (or something close to
that), they also build a version with a shut-down timer called the Turbo Preluber but I don’t know if they have a web site (I
haven’t found one yet). You can program the system to run for up to 3 min. after shut-down. It will then circ oil through the
engine and out to a remote cooler. This system is a god-send to turbo drivers. Hope this helps.

w/o Jag at this time but have Land Rover to keep driveway well oiled!!!>

Date: Wed, 21 Jun 2000 22:21:07 +0200
From: “Walter Arkesteijn” w.d.arkesteijn@stud.tue.nl
Subject: [v12-engine] Nokking sound at startup… is that normal? + Using EFI fuel pump as an OIL PRELUBER!!! Does it work?

Hello friends!


I have a Daimler DBL SIX SII '74. If the car hasn’t run for a day, I hear a
old-diesel-engine like rrrrr-sounding noknoknoknok for about 2 seconds
after startup. I guess this is normal because the CAMSHAFT is dry right
after startup and the oil has sunk back to the sump. Right? Please let it
be a ‘jaguar’ “charm”!.???

Pre lubing at startup; using a old electric EFI fuel pump.

For this specific reason I am also considering to install a pre-luber. I
read in Kirby’s XJS-bible that I can draw oil from somewhere below and pump
it with an electric pump into the oil pressure switch/sender T-piece. Since
I only need this pressure at startup (and maybe for 5 minutes after power
off to cool down the engine) I might have come up with a very interesting
and relatively cheap idea!
What about using an +/- 60 psi fuel pump to pump the cold oil to oil
If the pump is build to continuously pump fuel it won’t suffer much from a
minute of oil pumping. When I put a one-way valve in series the oil won’t
flow back! I could also put a small oil filter (how about a
micro-particle-oil filter!!!) after the pump in case the pump spits out its
own guts…


Walter Arkesteijn - Eindhoven - The Netherlands
Daimler Double Six SII 1974 - noknok who’s there?