[v12-engine] Re: V12 Transplant - Mediocre Non-Ending

I really don’t want to do the swap again, although I’m sure I’d be quicker
the second time. What’s the usual deal with a parts warranty like this? I
don’t feel I should have to repeat my efforts, and I especially don’t feel
should have to fork out a second time for things like coolant and oil and
forth. On the other hand, I suspect I will have difficulty getting the
vendor to do any actual work, and I’m not that comfortable with other
working on my car anyway.

Sadly, the usual deal with parts warranties is that they warranty the parts
only. They have no obligation to compensate you for labour or materials
(lubricants, coolant, etc.) That is even the case with new parts. The only
time you get a labour warranty is when you pay someone else to do the job.
Then, that someone else, not the parts vendor, eats the labour in doing the
job over. That’s why the professionals are very particular about the
quality reputation of the parts they are installing.

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