V12 engine - [sold for $50]

Now if you are in the USA, then this just has to be for you - but you need to be quick since there are but 6 hours left. Estimated at $500, the bid is at $50. It must be worth more than that as scrap.

@Craig_Balzer, I’ll help ya go git it!

Pre-HE by the looks of it.

And that was that. Sold for $50.


I saw your note 2 dyas ago and made a mental note to register and bid. I had time cuz the on-line bidding was open to (what I thought was) 25SEP20.
So last night, the evening of 24/25SEP, I sat down to do just that – -- just before midnight. It took several minutes to complete the registration process. Went to bid at 0007 hours on 25SEP20.

Now – either I miss-read the time window for bidding or it closed on the strike of 25SEP20. I was prepared to go as high as $500 or higher. But never got a chance. As I was scrolling through the lots, I noticed the price was prefaced with “Sold at”. Hmmm

Long story short (too late) I figure I was 8 minutes too slow. I never did figure out where that engine was located, so I would have had to fiugure in gas/travel expenses. Missed a good deal in any event

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