[v12-engine] Spark ECU pic's bad or not (marrelli)

Well I think this ecu is the cause of my no start problem.
I have checked all the sensors and found that only the two
crank sensors are not getting a power feed from the Ecu (
pins 1&2 and 3& 16). After cleaning the pins I regained
power to pin 13 , a small and short lived success. So tore
into the spark ECU appart with the intent of making it a
paper weight or fixing the problem. I posted the pics on the
site. I had a small water leak in the area of the passengers
right foot (USA car left had drive v-12 1989 xjs) when I
purchased the car. I repaired the seal around the abs unit
and stopped the leak but I believe the damage had been done.
as you can see the 13 pin area and inside the case was
corroded badly. I have know idea Why I was looking at the
circuit board , don’t know anything about them. Looked for
an hour with a large magnifing glass and saw nothing .
cleaned it with a small soft brush and reassembled. no go
still. Is there any thing I missed , what else supplies
power to this Ecu?? If I can get a powerreading on the crank
sensor wires I believe the problem will be solved…Jag
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