[v12-engine] Supercharged V-12 Jaguar

To the listers who have followed this project for the last 2 3/4 years:
Yesterday afternoon I drove my completed 1985 Jaguar XJ-S V-12 Supercharged
Coupe for the first time since January 2, 1998.
As you can imagine my heart was in my throat. Basically the question being
“If Lister Jaguar only made 5 in the 1980s and now makes their performance
street-cars naturally aspirated…how could we make that engine and car with
just our small group of grass-roots tuners and fabricators.”
Well…yesterdays ride was everything you would expect from a V-12 with twin
superchargers. The
sensation of the XJ-S as a 3,900 lb car is gone. The terrific torque from
the supercharges is so rich that 1st gear now is only an accessory. Take off
in 2ndd gear still bring a “chirp” from the rear wheels on gentle launch.
You can feel the power of the engine through the transmission in a way you
could never feel it before. The feeling is as if the power was pulling the
gear into full position.
The slightest pressure on the graduated pedal response starts the spooling of
the superchargers.
The response has no delay and seems to ask for more pedal…The wonderful
Michelin Zero Pressure, Z-rated tires hold the ground as long as you don’t
get too far into the pedal on take off.
Since we were never able to go above 40-50 mph we never got into 4th, 5th or
6th gear. That’s right! Third gear is just coming alive and we near 50 mph.
I just wish all XJ-S drivers who have longed for just a faster XJ-S could
have been on this ride with me.
For the owners who are in the New Jersey area we will be showing the car
for the first time at the New Jersey Jaguar Touring Club’s concours on
Saturday 9/23/2000 (this next Saturday.) We would like to meet you and show
you the XJ-S. It’s one-of-a-kind and we are very proud of it. Bradley Smith
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