[v12-engine] V12 Focus Manual

(Joe Frazier) #61

Could you email me the Focus Manual pdf? My address is jfrazier@verusenergy.com. Thank you!


(V12 Dave) #62

Realizing this is an old post but if the focus manual is still available that would be great to have a copy.
Thanks for making this available


Hi to all,
I am another V12 owner who would love to have a copy of this information. Would someone be so kind and send me a copy to ansarcloud@aol.com many thanks!

(William Kosmann) #64

Yet another XJ12 sedan owner who would like a copy of the Focus manual.

Email address is maplecroft@verizon.net

Thank you.

(William Kosmann) #65

Manual received. Thank you Bob.

(jtwo) #66

jt: PLEASE send the Focus manual to me! I am in the middle of rebuilding my XJR 4.2L V8, and then will go directly o my 5.3L V12. I have already started several mods based on the Kirby manual.
THANKS!! joejohns339@gmail.com


iā€™m rebuilding a xj serie2 v12 can you send a copy at my adress

thanks a lot

(Roger P Stevens) #68

Hello, I would like to get a copy of the manual also. Please

(Lawrence Hamilton) #69

Still more newbies want this elusive focus manual please.

(Mike Drew) #70

Sounds like an amazing source of information. Could you please send a copy to michael.l.drew@gmail.com.

(Larry Carbol) #71

Hi Joseph, I would be grateful if you could send me a PDF of the V12 info. I have a 71 Etype and could use more info on the engine.
Thanks! Larry