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Hello list,

Just wanted to get some thoughts on a issue. I just completed
building an ignition failure circuit which lites an indash LED when
there a loss of spark to the A-bank (marelli rotor failure) and
thought it would be helpful to be able to turn the fuel off to that
bank if failure is detected, just to be able to limp safely to a
spot to investigate (ie. put in a rotor,etc.) I don’t need to have
automatically happen (would be nice :wink: I was thinking of a simple
on/off toggle
switch one could throw. Would it be as simple as breaking into the
+12V KB (pink/black) wire from terminal 87 of the MAIN RELAY ?

Thanks again everyone!
Have a great holiday
'90 Rouge Coupe
'73 Mach I
'78 Delta 88 (the ‘‘Blue Goose’’)–

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