[v12-engine] XJS -- 94/95

I am looking at buying a 94/95 XJS to go along with my 84HE
and 74 E-Type.
I am finding some interesting ‘‘options’’ on the V12 XJ where
a 94 will have the ‘‘rear light’’ in the wing or on the trunk
deck, and the engine may or may not have the cold air
ducting to the air cleaners. Wheels may or may not be the 5
spoke or multi spoke type.
Also I ran across one car that had ‘‘gold’’ rather than chrome
plating – is that a special model?
They all seem to have the ‘‘Sport’’ option – trans switch and
rear wing.
Some of these cars look like they were pulling what ever
they had out of the parts bin to build them at the last of
the run.
I thought I knew a bit about these cars but apparently not.
Anyone familiar with these items?
Many thanks, Hale–
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Any luck finding the 94/95 XJS? I have a convertible V12 with just over 73K I am looking to sell or trade for a Mopar product.

Hello, Yes I found one – 95, check your build plate – if yours is a 95 they are VERY limited production. I gather something like 80 sent to Canada and only a few hundred to the US. The other thing is to note the price of a decent one is going up dramatically.
Cheers, Hale

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