[v12-engine] XJS trip computer problem

I hope that someone can help me !! I have a 1988 Hess &
Eisenhardt XJS convertible that uses the standard Lucas trip
computer. yesterday I took it out of the dash for a project I was
working on, I disconnected the two plugs behind the computer with
the ignition off, I drove the car for about a mile with the unit
out. I then put the unit back in place again with the ignition
off. When I powered the unit back up I was able to reset the
clock however all the other functions ( fuel average, mileage
etc) are at 0 and do not register. The unit then displayed some
wierd 0.7 readings for speed and 5.6 for milage and started
counting down from 5.9 to 2 while the car was stationary. I have
tried the reset button and made sure the connection was good as
before, the computer worked fine before I removed it for 20
minutes. Is there a reset or code somewhere? Please help!!–
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