V12 Firing Order, 1999 DD6

Hello everybody.wondering where i can find the connection diagram for the ignitions cables for a Daimler double six 1999 with SAJDKANS4BC777488 !!!

Do you mean the ignition sequence, Mazen? Which is the same throughout the V12 production…

xj6 85 Sov Europe (UK/NZ)

Hello again:
No I mean any kind of sketch or drawing of how I can connect the ignition cables right between the ignition coils to each cylinder, a thousand thanks in advance.

Mazen Mardini


That is exactly what Frank responded with,

In USA speak, we call it firing order. And some refer to the wires as high tension.

Any jaguar V12 as frank says, same sequence.

Like 1,5, 6, 4 3, etc. Example only… Not real.

And determine if the rotor under the cap turns clockwise or counter clockwise.

Then which cylinder is designated #1 on the engine.

Go from there.

  1. Search archives here. Firing order for the V12.

  2. Google. Firing order for jaguar V12 engine…

Each amazes me with the wealth of useful information…


Your 1999 Daimler Double Six is two generations newer than any cars discussed on this list. I have a 1990 V12 Vanden Plas which is really a Daimler Double Six badged as a Jaguar and your car has very little in common with it.

I believe that your much newer model is discussed on the X300 list.


Moved … :slightly_smiling_face: