V12 injector rail hoses

Hi guys can anyone tell me the exact length of the short and long hoses on the fuel rail for the H.E??

The short ones are 1-3/4". Exactly. Be very careful they are all the same.

The long ones just leave long until the rail is in place on the injectors, then cut them to the length needed to reach those front injectors.

Thank you, the longs seem to be around 83mm. I will make a jig for the short one so that they are as close as 44.45mm long…was thinking about using a similar id pipe, seal off one end, measure and cut out a narrow slot so that I can at least cut them to all the same length even if they are not 100% accurate.

In case nobody has stated it yet: The way to assemble these is to install all the injectors on the engine first. Push all 12 hoses onto the rail, and give each hose a tug to “seat” it. Line up all five short hoses on one bank with the injectors, get them started, then push the rail down to fit all five at once. Then pull up on the rail to seat them again. Line up the rear five on the other bank and repeat. Do the front two long hoses last.

BTW, while you have the hoses off, you can flip the brackets that hold each injector in place and rotate the injector around so the connector faces the other way. I chose to arrange all of mine with the connector facing the same direction; I think it looks neater that way.

That’s how I did it when I did mine but I had a hell of a time trying to force the rail down the hoses.
The rail is far away in the center of the engine so you are in a very awkward position and you can’t really apply much force. Maybe it was just me, I don’t now…
Nevertheless it worked in the end, but if I was to do it again I think I would mount the injectors on the rail first (all but the two forward) and then install the complete assembly on the engine.

What size hoses were you using?

Good question.
It was a while ago so I had to go and check… and indeed they were 7.6mm and the source of my discontent!
I guess I should have used 8mm.

Cohline 2240 8mm which is in fact 7.3 ID and 13mm OD

Luckily I have the engine out of the car so I can follow your valued advice

Kirby, I don’t know how many times you have changed hoses and a fuel rail on the V12, but…I can assure you and anyone else who reads this, that the easiest method is fitting the injectors and hoses onto the rail on your work bench. Everything is at your fingertips, no bending over the engine, and you can easily see what you are doing. It appears Aristides agrees also. SD Faircloth

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I concur. Super easy getting all hoses onto injectors and fuel rail while off the car.

Then its just a bit fumbling getting all six of one bank of injectors seated in the intake manifold, loosely put on the 12 nuts, and then do the other bank.