V12 Mild Camshaft

Has anyone actually put milder cams in their v12 - following the comments of Roger Bywater on his AJ6E website,

If so - what profile did you use, and where from?

Please, a link to Roger Bywater comment.


I have wondered whether a competent cam shop could regrind a set of OEM camshafts into the shorter duration profiles that Bywater developed for street use.

He talks about 20 degrees less duration, but the same lift, so it sounds as if that is all material to be removed

I wonder how much the torque curve changes

A very accurate, and telling passage: bolding mine.

One might reasonably conclude that the ideal cams for the smaller over-square cylinders of the V12 would have been of shorter duration than had been used for the XK. Many years ago we produced short period cams for the V12 which significantly improved acceleration but they were hard to sell because they did not give more top end power ā€“ which few people ever use, but which everyone seems to think they want.


yes - exactly

this thread isnt about making a 7000rpm racing car, but exploring the idea that a milder cam might make a better drivers car

Iā€™d like to see some data about how much better the mid range torque is (and how much the top end suffers)