V12 Trike project

Hi all from England, I have started my Trike project and have a 1988 V12 engine and auto gearbox, I will be stripping as much none essential stuff from it as possible and also want to run 2x 4 barrel carbs hanging over each bank of cylinders, As a side note I have my own machine shop and fabrication equipment so was wondering if I would be able to modify the original air intake housings and grafting on a 4 barrel mount on the side that the Air box would normally fit or make my own intake? I am not after a monster power unit but want something that looks way cool, it is in a trike after all. Also what’s recommended on the ignition system side of things? I want to keep it fairly simple but reliable as well.
Look forward to the info.

Welcome to BW.
Someone else from England tried to use a Jaguar V12 for a Zonda-replica but gave up.
Lots of posts on the subject in the archives.
Have fun surfing…

Nick (handle nicktruman), the fellow with the Zonda-replica I mentioned earlier, went a different way:

Always cool to see the v12 in non-standard applications.
The four-barrel thing has been done a few different ways, although I have not seen the approach you are describing…

One thing to remember is that the V12 is only 5.3L / 326cid. You’d want to go with smaller 4-barrels, like maybe 390cfm.

My favorite look has always been the row of Webers…

…and if I was going to do that I’d look at one of the modern FI systems that looks like webers or hilborns but is electronic FI.

Just my thoughts, will be looking forward to what you decide!