V12 XJS 6.0 litre piston rings from where?

Can anyone tell me where I can get a set of piston rings for a V12 6.0 litre XJS engine?
They are AE pistons so the grooves are narrower than the hepolite 5.3 rings.
Preferably somewhere in the U.K. I’ve tried all the usual scourges SNG, Manners,


Try the above if you haven’t already.

Thank you! sounds like I might have an option if I draw a blank in dear old Blighty!

Hi again Jim
Just checked the link you sent. Part no longer available! Begging to think I’ll have to go down the groove widening route! At least they are narrower!

Have you tried:

Martin Robey

Norman Motors

Rob Beere

Brit Parts



Hi Andy
Not tried Martin Robey yet or Britpart. All the others no joy.
Karl at Rob Beere gave me FW Thornton in Wellington,Shropshire they are searching.
I’ll give them both a shout. Can’t believe there’s such a scarcity!
Thanks for your help.

i would try “Total Seal Piston rings” USA , they are the best of the best!

call and talk to them ,they are the leader in USA today of piston ring technology!

and being so light weight should not cost much shipping.