V8 4.0L 2001 VVT Problem

Hello Folks,
I have a noisy VVT on left bank which has resisted attempts at flushing altho i have flushed 3 times changed filters removed sump and engine is as clean as a whistle. So looking at changing the VVT. Wondered if it would be possible to split the VVT in situ by removing the torx screws leaving the sprocket in place(photos). Reason for this is that i have another VVT unit but the sprocket is damaged. Rgds, Charlie.

Curious what you found here. I rescued a '01 XK8 off craigslist with 17k legitimate miles. When I was doing the timing chains the passenger bank VVT was stuck pretty well but using some hefty needle nose pliers in the pin holes I was able to free it and move it about and then set it in the appropriate indexed location.

I wonder if a lot of this was due to non-spirited (if ever) driving, sitting, or both. Anyway, I read in another forum, a lot of incorrect advice that you didn’t need to set the VVT to it’s indexed position as they “always return”. Well, if I had listened to that advice my passenger bank was conservatively 5-8 degrees off.

Interesting info. I’ve still got the problem on the left hand VVT in that its noisy~like a claccing noise that you can hear a block away. When the engine’s hot it goes off then it returns when the engine cools so you wonder whats wrong with the VVT. Clearly its something to do with oil temp. Tried Molyslip but not much improvement. Planning on changing the VVT unit. Have you encountered this problem?