V8 Engine Swap in my 76 XJ6C

The reason I ask is that the XJ6 has clearance below the hood and above the radiator to pass a duct and install a filter that extends above and ahead of the radiator. The XJS has much less clearance there. I assembled a filter and duct system for my 83 XJ6 with a 96 LT1/4L60E. I’ve helped other LUMPERs do the same and I’ve see very nice similar systems for XJ6/12 conversions. I do not recall seeing anyone doing something similar on an XJS but that doesn’t mean that its impossible. Good luck and have fun with it!

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It is for my 76 XJ6C

Bob, I would like to see what you are talking about and can it be made to work with the TPI set up on XJ6C.

Me too, Bob. That’s the beauty of this forum as it exposes me to people cleverer than I. I just assumed that both the XJ6 and XJS lacked adequate clearance between between the hood and the piece forward of the radiator [radiator support?]

Bob, if you have a picture of the intake system in your 83 I’d love to see it.

Here you go. Pictures from the past. It’s the fastest way for me to reply.
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I appreciate the need to upgrade this site to a new format but this is an example of how it lacks…my 2 cents.

Thank you I appreciate it, I’ve seen that set up before and wondered where to get it. What would the cost be to get one of those for my XJ6C TPI.

Bob surely was/is creative in designing and making that intake.

Alas, my car retains the Jaguar dryer for the Ac in the original position. Clear conflict between the two.

Busted a finger nail makes my typos even more prevalent. During Vacuum cleaner fix.
Puny brush belt busted at the seam!!! .

If only I had an old old inner tube. Perhaps a big “O” ring. Gluer it back?

Naah, just go to the vac store and get a new one…

Bob, that is really well done. If I may ask, where did you source the bellows and filter from?

The rubber parts are stock 94-96 Corvette. The filter is a modified K&N for a 97+ LS Camaro. I made the mods to the filter myself to fit in the available space and mate with the forward end of the forward rubber duct. Making a home built composite detail and adapting it was a lot of work. We do these things for our projects because it’s a big part of the fun. That was almost 20 years ago. It is still a nice solution and I still get compliments. But I have seen some very good and creative intake designs on this forum and elsewhere. Not that long ago this forum used to have a photo album categorized buy model. Lumps had its own photo album. That format is now gone. The old photo albums was a great way to look across the model categories and see what people were up to. Gone. When was that last time anyone here went trolling through any other J-L forum? Sorry, just venting. So, as a result, we don’t have an easy way to search and share awesome pictures of solutions from our fellow listers.

Thank you, Bob. I rather expected that much more was involved than wandering around wrecking yards with calipers and a tape measure was involved. Still, with the profusion of aftermarket filters and the explosion of OEM shapes and sizes to fit the needs of ever changing engine compartment configurations, the filter seems the easier side of that equation.
And you are certainly right about both the usefulness and sheer pleasure of poking through albums devoted to a car we might be working on [despite the envy generated by the creativeness and skills usually found there].