Vacum system overall

I need a big help from you please.
I have overheating issue with my 1988 v12 .
I need someone to send a video that will show me all the vacum lines connection cuz i think i connected them the wrong way

Vacuum and overheating are kind of unrelated Shahar…
How about you take pictures, or even better make a diagram of what you have done?

I think someone was collecting vacuum diagrams from the various cars and made a posting of them a few years back. Check the archives for vacuum diagrams

Maybe this can help

Shahar, look in the V12 forum, and search the archives for vacuum diagrams.
Resident Alien responded to James Love on the subject with a page from Bing that has many jaguar v12 diagrams. Looks to be in Jul of 2017

My two XJS’ have the diagrams on the underside of the bonnet/hood. Look there.