Vacuum advance 1969 e type stromberg carbies

(Ian Tanner) #1

I am looking to hook up an vacuum advance on my Powerspark distributor. Can I hook into the manifold vacuum line from the vacuum canister?

(Robin O'Connor) #2

Vacuum for distributors needs to come from either the manifold or from one of the carbs, it needs a fluctuating value, the vacuum canister is going to be a constant, not what you want.

(Ian Tanner) #3

Thanks Robin , superb answer.
It helps with my future direction regards

(69 FHC ) #4

You are going to want to drill a small hole, say 1/16" in the bottom of the hole the arrow is pointing to on the front carb in the picture. Then tap the larger hold to accept a brass nipple. You attach the vacuum line to that nipple.

(Ian Tanner) #5

Thanks John,
Perfect! Just the comprehensive info I required. The pic is a big help.

Should be easy to perform?

(Philip Lochner) #6

No NEED to do so. You CAN connect the vacuum advance directly to manifold vacuum.

My V12 runs happily like this.

(John M Holmes) #7 Mr Clarkson explains how to drill the port to give you the required vacuum from yr ZS carb…this is what I did. Also some ZS carbs on later ( mid 70s ) XJ12s had the ports already fully drilled.

(Ian Tanner) #8

How would you do this ?
Thanks Ian

(Philip Lochner) #9

T into the vacuum feed that goes off to the brakes BEFORE the 1-way valve - if you don’t want to modify the intake manifold. Otherwise, you could install a fitting underneath the intake manifold where it is not easily seen.

(Ian Tanner) #10

Thanks Phillip for your instructions . Much appreciated.Ian