Vacuum hose on Throttle body

Had a few issues with our XJ40 3.6 and working through them. One is vacuum lines. 3 quick questions I can find an answer for please.

  1. Where on the manifold does the vacuum line from the ECU connect please?
  2. What connects to the vacuum port on the throttle body please?
  3. Where does the Cruise control connect to vacuum or does it all? Mine does not seem to have a port for this. There is a ‘spare’ port down at the front of the car with the rest of the system but it looks like it has never had a hose on it. As best I can tell from looking on line it doesnt seem to connect engine vacuum. Is that right?

Car is an 87 Daimler 3.6, It does not have EGR or Air pump.


This is from a 92 Daimler 4.0, so it may not be the same. The first picture is the vacuum supply from the manifold for the cruise control.

The next is where the vacuum returns to the cruise control on the throttle.

These two hoses disappear into the front fender where the vacuum canister sits.