Value of 1984 XJ6 drivetrain and accessories

Good morning all,

I’ve removed the drivetrain from my 1984 XJ6 in preparation for an engine swap. Although these components are no longer of any use to me, I would love to see them used in keeping other Jags on the road.

The backstory is that the previous owner of the car drove the car for a decade in the nice months before parking it a year or two ago due to presumed fuel or spark issues as the engine would crank but not fire. I did hear it crank and it spins over nicely.

What is the going rate for the engine, transmission, and various accessories (PS pump, alternator, starter, etc)?

Whatever a willing buyer is willing to give you is about as close as anybody is going to advise without knowing where you are. I’m in New Zealand so the price I would pay without hearing the engine run would probably be scrap value.

I figured as much for the engine, knowing that any buyer that’s serious about using it as a potential replacement would be skeptical (as would I). Obviously the engine and trans are uneconomical to ship - perhaps the smaller components would be of use to someone.

I am located in Western NY in the USA if that helps anyone.

Sorry Norbert, I have no use for any of the parts as I sold my S11 about a year ago, the post was more to prompt you to advise where in the world you are.

If you were closer, I!d offer you the $100 I paid for the same setup, that I used in my hot rod…:blush: