Valve/ Cam Cover Gaskets Thickness?

This should be an easy one for anyone who has an unused one lying around:

I just need to know what is an approximate thickness for the inlet and exhaust side valve cover gaskets? Most of the major suppliers seem to be out of these gaskets at the moment and it’s easy enough for me to order some cork/ rubber blend gasket material from McMaster-Carr and make my own in the interim. For an XK120, but that shouldn’t matter as these gaskets were used through the mid-70s.


The factory ones are typical “thin” gaskets. But better ones are made by Cometic. They are quite thick–a gasket-aluminum-gasket sandwich. Either works so clearly the thickness isn’t critical. IMHO; hopefully others will chime in.

Payen gaskets, made of a gray cardboard material, are roughly .04” thick.

This is what I’m looking for – thanks. I’ll round your number up slightly to 0.06 which would be 1/16" and looks to be what is currently on the car too.