Valve Cover Gaskets on 1963 Jaguar Mark 2

Hello, What is the recommendation of forum members when it comes to the replacement of Rocker Cover Gaskets on the 2.4 engine. Do i install the gaskets dry or use a thin smear of Gasket sealant? I have read where people have installed them both ways.

I usually only apply gasket cement to the cover and leave the other surface dry. This allows you to open and close a few times without damage to the gasket.

When using the paper gaskets I clean all metal surfaces well and use spray Hylomar on both sides of the gasket. They don’t seem to leak.

When tightening them down do it in the same sort of order you would for a head. Use new copper washers, or heat anneal your old ones. I do them up to 4lbft first, and if there is leakage then up to 7lbft.

Thank you for the good advice. Much appreciated.

Interesting, i would have thought Oil would leak out.

All I’ve ever had is a slight staining around the edge after some time. Easily wiped away once or twice a year. The surfaces must be flat and clean of course. The Hylomar application mentioned by Andrew is excellent but must be applied sparingly as it squeezes out of the gap on the inside as well as the outside. The most oil staining I get is past the copper washers, but still only very minor.

My shop used Dowty washers on all the cam cover bolts. Seems to work quite well. Never heard of them before this. Available from McMaster-Carr.