Valve stem seal replacement

My car sat for many years and I believe it is smoking due to dried up seals. Is it possible to change them with engine in the car? Any hints which might make it easier would be greatly appreciated.
67 Series 1 OTS.

Yes you can. First determine that your car has seals. They were introduced in Dec 1966 at engine numbers 7E11668, and 7E52567. If not you can’t retro fit them with out replacing guides with a top groove to hold the seal. This assumes somebody has not done this already. First you need a valve spring compressor that works. Typically they bolt onto the valve cap stud and allow you to compress the spring to remove the clips. See the manual for drawings of these. You have to have a method of holding the valve up - typically using compressed air in the cylinder, which requires a fitting to use in the spark plug hole. It’s doable.

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Thanks Terry,
I did see something about putting ropr into the cylinder to keep vslves from falling in. Also something about ysing a Saab spring compressor

I dunno about the 4.2, but on the V12 the hot ticket is to replace the nitrile valve stem seals with either teflon seals or Viton seals. With the teflon seals, you can add them to the exhaust valve stems which didn’t originally have seals. No groove necessary, they press snugly onto the guides.

Here, these are the Viton valve stem seals I’m talking about:

Those fit valves with a .500" OD valve guide and a 5/16" valve stem. If the E-type requires a different size, they probably make it.

Just one look at these things should tell you they are vastly superior to the nitrile junk. They’ve got little springs on each one to keep the seal!