Van den plas keys

Keys Lost for 2000 van denplas. Purchased new keys from Jag dealer. Locksmith said they need to be programmed but then was unable to program and opined that the 2000 does not have chip. New keys open doors but won’t crank engine. Any suggestions? Thank you

Will the key turn in the ignition?

Thank you for responding. Yes. Key turns but no cranking.

Original key starts the car? If so, sounds like replacement keys need to be programmed by the dealer.

Your 2000 Vanden Plas is two generations newer than the Series I, II, and III XJ6s and XJ12s discussed on this list. Our cars all came from the factory with old school metal cut keys that are not programmable. I recommend that you post you questions to the Jag-Lovers X300 list where your car is discussed.


Thank you for clarifying the model, I have moved it to #x300

key does have a chip and requires programming

This is one of the many reasons that I own and drive three older Jaguars that are much simpler machines. None of my Jaguars have keys that need to be programmed by the dealership or have On Board Diagnostics (OBD) with Check Engine lights.
In my opinion, cars after 1990 were designed to be way too complicated intentionally by the manufacturers in order to discourage owners from doing their own work. That is why I never plan to own and drive a car newer than my 1969 E-Type, 1990 XJ-S convertible, and 1990 Series III V12 Vanden Plas.
And yes, I am the president of the local chapter of Luddites Anonymous. :wink:


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