Variations in the side entry distributor cap

Here’s a howdy do…
I have 5 old side entry distributor caps, one with a variation important to know about.
Here are two Lucas and one with no brand name.

Notice the Lucas on the left and the unmarked in the middle have the coil port in line with the side clips. The Lucas on the right has the coil port advanced at a 60 degree angle relative to the side clips.
The danger is that someone setting out to change his cap, will draw a picture of the cap with the 6 plug wires numbered in relation to the coil wire, and put the wires on the new cap in the same order in relation to the coil wire as they came off the old cap, while getting them nicely fitted in parallel in the oval rubber clips. Then will find that his car won’t start afterwards. It may take him a couple hours to figure out that the two caps have the coil wires at different angles.
Guess who made that mistake. :blush:

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Hi Rob, thanks for pointing out that variation. Surely pattern copy on transferring wires is second nature and I would fall in the same difficulty. Perhaps the variation was made to accommodate vacuum advance position on some cars.

It looks like Rob is referring to MkV caps .the Sscap for the DUH6A is quite a bit bigger,
But speaking of later changes, on the Ss originally the earthing was via the 2 screws that held the bakelite base.
This was unreliable as one of our SS Register members found out on a club run. Later replacement parts had a separate earth terminal on the side. Worth the effort if you can find one.