Various codes and a rant because the title needs to be 15 characters Resolved

So I am getting a more frequent ‘check engine’ ‘restricted performance’ warning coming up on the dash.
I have both iCarsoft 930 and a Vgate MaxiScan tools the Vgate didn’t provide any details whereas the iCar did come back with a few;
Going into the diagnostic side and inserting the codes the iCar came back with ‘not found in data library’
Just googled the U1135 and this came up;
‘Disconnected, dirty or fouled spark plugs are common causes for engines that won’t start. Spark plugs typically need to be replaced every season or 25 hours of use’
Maybe the site is supported by a spark plug manufacturer?
Any thoughts out there?

X350 is it?

look up the B codes

No its the 308 iCarsoft have advised to delete the upload program on my PC and install the latest version so that may come up with som more results.
Meanwhile my other scan tool came up with this;
CAN data bus ECM/instrumentation control module-network malfunction.

I think I’ve seen that on a 308 and icarsoft.
Wouldn’t worry about it

If you include MAKE, MODEL, YEAR there are Jaguar issued diagnostic guides that will have all the info.(P codes, B codes, C codes and U codes)

They are in .pdf so they might no upload to this forum.


I have a 97 XJ6L which I’m considering replacing with a 2003 X308. This kind of network/multiplex error is the only reason I’m hesitating. The X308 is a better car in many aspects but I’d have to admit that with the X308 the electronics finally got too complex for me to think I could DIY the car. In theory, of course, the same complexity should permit pin-point accurate diagnosis but a) should I worry and b) if so, what is the minimum I’d need for respectable (albeit not 100% dealer-level) diagnostic equipment?

Bob, do you have a link to the site where those codes are available?

Cheers Robin

So I’m beginning to suspect that the battery is on its way out, I had a couple of flat battery occurrences a few weeks ago and now these instances of warnings, just doing another scan with the iCar and while I was sitting there I had the ABS light briefly flash up?
Its very random as to whether, when I start up, I will get the Engine fail safe mode come on or not. The local agents are digging out their diagnostic equipment for me to go in tomorrow for a scan. However the comment was that is old and not all that reliable (YAY)
I should add that I have just checked the battery with a DVM and its registering 12.34v maybe a bit marginal?

Sounds likely. Newer cars are more sensitive to battery condition. Batteries tend to fail differently too.

The iCarSoft does these worrying things!

Yep just about ready to throw the thing in the rubbish.
Came home last night after having a scan with an Autologic reader and the car was running good until I gave it a bit of curry turning right at a set of lights, GEARBOX FAULT!!!
While waiting at the next set of lights I turned the engine off and waited as long as I could, started the car and drove off, the trans held the gear longer than normal then changed with a jolt and the fault came back on the dash. :frowning:

I have THOUSANDS of TSBs from my years working at the Jaguar dealer and GUS has the older ones that I have on his site (jagrepair dot com)

Many forums can accept .pdf as uploads but this one does not.


Thanks Bob
The gearbox fault has been diagnosed as the input turbine speed sensor, so I’m Looking into a replacement as a start.
Just what I need 1 week out from Targa NZ :frowning:

Right the transmission required a conductor plate which has been fitted, that along with a new battery seems to have resolved all the fault codes for now. Next week will be the proof of the pudding, 700 klms of closed roads and 1100 klm of touring between. The closed roads will be limited to either 130klm/hr or if the restricted field gets too small I might be moved up to the open tour and 160klm/hr