Vehicle damage as a measure of crashworthiness (was: [xj] XJ6 vsBuick)

Graeme, Stuart,

The facts bear you out. Both of you. For years, the safest vehicle in
the US (in actual crashes) was either the large Cadillac or the
Oldsmobile 98. Both of these cars are very large and heavy. The also
have large spaces around the driver, both upper & lower body areas. In
further support of your views, most European countries had to import the
‘Jaws of Life’ for their Fire Brigades shortly after the Japanese car
boom started in earnest in the Seventies. To quote one fireman I spoke
to at an accident site, ‘These cars seem to implode on the driver on
impact. We almost have to peel the car off them.’

Graeme Adamson wrote:>

On Wed, 25 Oct 2000 20:20:23 +1000, “Stuart Dent”

And THIS is why you’ll never see the road safety experts (eg NCAP in
Australia) do a head-on crash test between a new car and a car from the 60’s
or 70’s. They only want to do crash tests into immovable barriers because
the newer cars with crumple zones will always fare better.

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